“How to Spot a Liar”

This subject may not seem to be explicitly about the subject of estate planning, but it is intertwined with everything an estate and financial planner does.  Your attorney can prepare the most wonderful documents, which are easily undone by an untrustworthy, lying trustee.  There is  an important root word in “Trustee” which many forget when selecting the person who will manage their affairs when they are disabled or gone.  Truth in these personal relationships is far, far more important than the words written on paper.

Pamela Meyer’s overarching theme in the following video that lying is a “cooperative effort” applies to a wide range of estate planning subjects, such as —

  • Selecting a truthful trustee, executor, or agent;
  • Selecting and monitoring your financial planner, and investment adviser;
  • Making sure that your home care worker is acting in your interest, and not for her own interests.

These are only examples.

(Source: TED Talks)

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